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My name is Ashley Wright Founder Of CCMAC Services LLC & I have been business since 2016 and I'm also register with the FMCSA. Our experience field-related knowledge, and dedication to our craft can be witnessed in the service we deliver.

We understand the nature of the work and the importance of providing quality, reliable services to our clients at industry standards. Our ability to handle even the most challenging request is top-notch.

CCMAC Services LLC also believes In Safety, Best Rates, And Consistent Revenue for all drivers that we partner with. We Value Your Commitment and The Time You Spend With Your Family!

Why Choose Us

Our team of experts is fully committed to providing you with the best service you can expect. We place great effort every day to provide quality service and always strive to deliver the most effective and efficient solutions to the industry through state-of-the-art technology, highly trained and friendly staff, and strong infrastructure.We strive to build lasting relationships and grow with our customers.

Why Choose Us

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We can provide customized value chain solutions for customers who are currently facing a challenge in terms of complex international trade requirements. CCMAC Services LLC has developed Key Strategic Partnerships.


At CCMAC Services LLC the customer is our priority. Our goal is to Provide you with the best regional, yet local service. We want you to be happy.

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We are monetized through private equity, we have grown rapidly and we are an entity that shares a common vision. We have built an impressive network of agents that allows us to serve our customers with the highest quality.

Compliance Solutions

All of our business experts can agree, business logistics is about service. We love to serve our customers and always… in your service.

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